It has been a while now since Mesozoica started development and there is still only a demo. This has peeved many people, our development team among them – but if we could conjure up silver like magic we’d never have gone to Kickstarter. We are working very hard to deliver the Early Access this year and will keep working hard but… if you’ve followed Mesozoica for a bit, you’ve probably heard some of these before:

(By the way, we love you all but there’s no harm in having fun, right?)

  1. Our models don’t have enough feathers. For example, we didn’t add quills to the human visitors. We all know how much you love feathers.
  2. Max took all the money years ago. He is really living on a yacht out in international waters.
  3. After a long internal discussion, we have decided to include pay to play card packs. If the Jurassic Park mobile game can get away with it, why can’t we?
  4. This is all really a super duper well planned scam. This game is never going to come out so why do we keep paying attention to it?
  5. The Meso team is going silent again. We decided we need to focus on skins and keep them hidden from the community or else Ryan would blow up.
  6. Our skins are not realistic enough. Why let people pick skins that do not look like they would exist?
  7. Robert’s models are shrink wrapped and are not defined enough. That Rex model has too much fat on it.
  8. ‘Hold on to your butts’ & ‘Soon’ are words you never want to hear ever again from Mesozoica, so… is the release for the Early Access already close?
  9. Robert’s Dakotaraptor model is inaccurate. Even though he was commissioned to create the first model by the Paleontologist who discovered it.
  10. Everything is a secret. There is no in-game content at all. The next demo will just be a slideshow of Matthew making funny faces.

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  • Josh says:

    This is painful enough, but do you know what’s even more painful? Not being s kickstarter backer because you were 14 at the time of its launch and you had no money…

  • Nettai says:

    My favorite scam by far!

  • Drake says:

    Well sh*t. Time to move on to the next sca- I mean game <.<

  • Bryce W. Hickman says:

    So this was a scam all along?
    Good thing I didn’t fund it! 😛

    Seriously, though, this really sucks that these kinds of things have been popping up so much. I eagerly await the release, but I am willing to be patient to get the best game experience possible- rushing will only cause problems. I wish you all the best!

  • Jonathan says:

    Seriously, the T. rex, I understand, but why the terror bird?

  • P says:

    These are all valid concerns though. It’s all well and fine to poke fun at people suggesting / asking these things, but why not spin the article in a positive way and actually give valid answers to cover some of these concerns?

    It’s otherwise a pretty big slap in the face to post a list of mocked community responses to the game’s development while having the perfect opportunity to ENGAGE the community and both set the record straight and front the concerns people may have.

    Keep in mind that as funny as you might think it is, until proven otherwise, none of the points mentioned above are any less true. That’s what scares the community more than anything.

    • MesozoicaAdmin says:

      We understand your opinion and it was just to show that we see what has happened to our community. We do know that we have to engage more the community and we also answered many of the questions in our FAQ. Thanks for the feedback.

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