Sunday was a historic day for the Mesozoica team. We finally got our creative director of Squadron Interactive, Matthew, and our film director, Ezra, in the same room with the head of DreamInCode, Vince. The three young maestros gathered to celebrate the progress the Meso team has made over the previous few months of toiling labor; hours of eyeballing multiple screens simultaneously, working and reworking the different systems that define the project, and piles of coffee cups in the wastebin.


This was a miraculous occasion, but despite the celebration, things weren’t exactly right. For the past few months, the Meso team has been dedicating the effort of multiple crew members to provide progress updates to our amazing community. But, with that pressure to always show signs of progress, we feel we had lost sight of our true goal.

The Meso team has always put the creation of a timeless game at the forefront of our passionate work, but the constant work towards PR and marketing has taken its toll on all of us. We want to stop pressuring ourselves with presenting the leaps and bounds we’ve made in development, and instead focus all of our attentions and efforts on finalizing the game.

Don’t get me wrong, dear reader; we’ve never relinquished our efforts on finishing the game. We simply want to pull away from the spotlight, direct our gaze to the work at hand, and focus everything we’ve got on this final push.

At the heart of our operation, we’re just a team of talented creators striving to make something magical for the world to enjoy. We aren’t a major studio (yet), and we don’t have a team dedicated to simply pushing the content to our followers. The ones that handle our press releases, renders, and updates are also working on countless pages of tasks simultaneously.

Our deadline is on the horizon, and we’re riding the momentum of our passion for this progress to a proper completion. We only have one chance to release this game properly, and it’s going to take the undivided attention of everybody onboard to make it happen the way it should.

We care about every one of you for taking the time to make us a part of your lives, and words can’t convey how much it hurts us to pull away from social media to focus on the project. But, this momentary lapse of communication is simply the calm before the storm. Mesozoica is almost here, and before you know it, these next few months will be forgotten in the wake of a playing experience the world has never seen.

fbLike most major works of art, such an important task will have to be completed in private, away from the eye of the public. When we return from the shadows, we’ll be carrying the light of a new world on our shoulders. We’re going to have Mesozoica on a silver platter for all of you to enjoy; we can’t wait for that day to come. It’s sooner than you realize. We promise.

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