Everybody on the Mesozoica team hopes that our fans are doing well while waiting for our weekly drops of juicy info! We’ve been putting in a lot of work to bring this exciting project to life, and to help with the process, we’ve introduced three new members to our creative team! Our first addition is Ezra Tudjan, a very talented visionary and the new director for Mesozoica’s video projects. He’s been working with our Composer Nicholas Rivera to put together something very special for all of our followers. Keep your eyes open for their project in a future update!


Another addition we’ve brought to the team is Kerr Robinson, an experienced texture artist and modeler that’s going to assist with putting the finishes touches on our wide plethora of customizable buldings. You can find his work here. He’s currently working on a Jurassic Park fan-film, but we’re glad he’s taking a break from his busy schedule to take part in our vision.

received_1732767440073803 On the subject of vision, we’ve brought in a second writer to work with Paramvir Randhawa. Ethan Pettus, the author of the newly-released paleo-fiction novel Primitive War, has been recruited to help flesh out the in-game universe of Mesozoica, as well as to put his pen to work on some of our story-driven quests. You can find his novel here, where he consistently posts new artwork and information regarding his story.

Now, as these newly assembled recruits work to help bring the universe of Mesozoica to life, we would like to take a minute to describe some of our current progress. Without the contribution of our backers and the motivation of our community, we wouldn’t have been able to make the strides in development behind-the-scenes. In order to properly pay respect to all of your generosity and support, we’ve been going above and beyond to make the game the most immersive and entertaining possible.

The men behind this charge of diligent work is the DreamInCode team; they’ve been putting in every ounce of effort possible to develop the Mesozoica that you, reader, deserve. Our Lead Programmer and Creative Director have been implementing new systems to make the AI of the in-game animals as refined and unique as possible. With his efforts, the denizens of your park will behave as realistic spontaneous creatures driven by instinctual goals. Their ability to learn from prior experiences will guide them as they plan their survival – or their escape.

Thanks to all of the efforts being poured into the project by our design team, you can look forward to creating moments as beautiful as the one captured in this week’s free wallpaper.

header As we near ever closer to an Alpha gameplay release, the Mesozoica team can’t help but feel jubilant with the wonder and joy that your future park-building experience will provide. Our modelers are cooking up new creatures for our programmer to bring to life, and our texture artists are creating some of the most beautiful skins that Mesozoica has ever seen. With the promise of completion right around the corner, we only ask that you keep your eyes open for future updates. There are a lot of things coming to Mesozoica; we can’t wait to see the worlds you create.

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