Everybody from the Mesozoica team has been hard at work, and we appreciate everybody’s patience! Our programmers and modelers are currently going through the final push to finalize the animals for your park. Most of this work has been focused on establishing the stats and goals for each animal, as well as putting the finishing touches on skins, but we’re excited to finally show you what our programmer’s been truly working on for so long – our ai architecture.


Ezra, the film director of Mesozoica, put in a lot of creative effort into making this trailer with our composer, Nicholas. This should give everybody a taste of what our programmer, Vince has been working towards for Mesozoica’s AI systems.

When it comes to creating a park full of ancient creatures to send the imagination ablaze, you have to treat the behaviors of the animals as a top priority. The team behind Mesozoica has accepted this challenge, and in order to provide your park with the most realistic animals possible, they have to make use of a special style of AI architecture

In traditional simulation games, most of the in-game npc’s have simple functions to perform based on stimuli. A simplified game may have dinosaurs that simply fight, defend, or move idly until stimuli is introduced. What the team behind Mesozoica is working to accomplish is for intelligent AI with goals and rewards to help determine unpredictive behavior.

The Mesozoica team is introducing algorithms to help in-game npc’s to separate goals based on the risk and reward for each task, which in turn creates an animal that is always moving through the tasks that would constitute daily survival.

For example; a Deinonychus assisted with our behavioral architecture will do everything it can to ensure it’s  most important goals, such as eating or staying hydrated, are met. These goals are easier for the animal to accomplish, but when you introduce a new element to the completion of the task, such as a Tyrannosaurus blocking the Deinonychus’s meal, it forces the Deinonychus to run through the risk and reward for taking different actions to accomplish its goal of feeding.

The Tyrannosaurus, also assisted by the structure of planning and goal-prioritizing, will recognize the Deinonychus for how it may get in the way of its own goals, such as protecting its environment or meal. The two animals will then be able to make their actions based on the greatest net reward for the least risk. If the attempt fails, the adaptive planning will commence. A short-term memory will allow for further plans to be corrected, and the animals may make different decisions when faced with a similar problem again.

This allows for a limitless depth of possible interactions to play out in the scenarios that take place in your park.  Individual species can be given their own sets of goals, understandings of risk and reward, and in turn, more realistic and diverse environmental niches to fill. You can watch a plethora of realistic, reactive encounters as strategizing animals and humans interact in the spontaneous, chance encounters you create.

Imagine the possibilities; a pack of deinonychus forced to interact with one another to take down a stegosaurus in the corner of their enclosure, park guests fleeing from their lives should you not take the proper precautions; the world is at your fingertips. Good luck, and enjoy your living, breathing Mesozoica.


This is where we currently stand as a team. Our texture artists are finalizing the in-game environments,and our animal skinners are creating wild new variants for the many species of Mesozoica.  In no time at all, the animals of your park will be wandering through resplendent vistas and environments – the only limits are your own imagination.




Before we end this update, we would like to welcome another addition to the Mesozoica team, our new skinner Rebecca! She recently made this chapter chilling Tyrannosaurus skin. This earthy-toned carnivore will be sure to make your visitors squeal with glee…just make sure the park fences can hold her.


As you can see, it’s been a very busy month for the Mesozoica team, but each passing day is another leap closer to our alpha release. In the coming weeks we hope to show you all our dinosaurs in action, as they are brought to life by the DreamInCode team. We’re grateful beyond words for everybody’s patience and anticipation, and believe this – its going to pay off in dividends when you finally get to build your own Mesozoica.

Also, happy birthday to Jurassic Park who has turned 24 years old!

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