The purpose of these updates is to allow players, fans and Kickstarter backers access/insight into how the game is progressing. Thankfully we have a great deal to show including new content based on buildings, new animals, and the big picture AI.  We hope everyone enjoys the insight and continues to allow us to develop the game on our timeline. Truly we understand how unpopular it is to take our time and develop the game correctly, however, were dedicated and committed to making sure the game is more than what we have promised.


We have decided that our focus will need to be centered on our content and for you “the players” additional content includes new creatures and dinosaurs. To emphasize that focal point we have created some new additions to showcase our flexibility within the genres and biomes we can offer.

Meet the amphibian, Diplocaulus Salmandroides. Diplocaulus is a small amphibious creature that spent most of its life in water. The large head meant that that other marine creatures of similar size would find it hard to swallow Diplocaulus whole.

diplocalusThe next addition is the Smilodon Populator. Smilodon is a large feline famous for its enormous, blade like canines, which it would use to puncture the throats of its prey. Smilodon lives in social groups like modern lions and preys upon large animals.


Creation is the heart of Mesozoica, whether it’s creating new creatures with skins that make them look unique and new or creating buildings with our modular system. The focus on creation is centered around this concept that you are the creator and the game is just your toolbox. As a showcase to what can be created with a tiny amount of imagination, we are pleased to showcase a developer built building. The creation was made out of small modular pieces that equate to about 10-15 min of work. This combined with the fact that the player can export his/her buildings to share with everyone in the community is just the start of what “creation” is about.

buildingAnimal Intelligence

We are very pleased to be working with a state of the art programming team that understands the requirements that the community sets for animal behavior. AI has been a massive focal point for us, and with the modular system very much foundationally stable we have turned our attention to the next large feature for Mesozoica. The AI we have outlined for ourselves includes triple A standards that allow more adaptive creatures to be implemented.

These exciting possibilities have been made accessible by our team, and the future will hold a new standard to keep all tycoon games on their toes. Please prepare yourselves for what will be a highlight feature for not just Mesozoica but any tycoon game currently in development.

Last, but not least, two official Mesozoica wallpapers! Click the images to save them.



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