What am I proud of in Mesozoica? This is a question that was rumbling around in my head for a few days. It’s difficult to find an answer to a question like this. Is it not sensible to be proud of everything that has anything to do with Mesozoica? The book of life is everything that has anything to do with the heart of Mesozoica. The heart of Mesozoica are the animals of the game.

The development of Mesozoica has multiple faces. There’s the work Matthew does, the work Vince does, the work Robert does… but at the end of the day the dinosaurs have always been the main focus. The world was different millions of years ago, nature was different. By the nature of our game, we need to have dinosaurs deemed the best but also give them efficient use. What does that mean? Start the game, pick a dinosaur, play the game without any disruption to the gameplay flow. So where does the Book of Life fit in?

It’s an easy to use information center that also functions as a dinosaur hatchery. Search for what you want at the top right corner. Can’t find it? Filter out the details and if we have it, you’ll get it. So you’ve picked out the Tyrannosaurus Rex. You can see the price right away. Want more information? You can see the diet, time period, size and even the skin without leaving the screen. Via Mesozoica, you can learn all you want about the magnificent animals we feature.

All of this information goes into a fair amount of detail as seen above. Of course there are many of our players who already know this by heart and don’t need this page. Even with that, who knows what gems of knowledge you may find when searching through Mesozoica’s vaults?

The flow is kept efficient, an important thing when considering the multitude of algorithms that run Mesozoica. Want the Stegosaurus? Want it with only a certain skin? Through the Book of Life, you can do all that and never miss a beat.

So, I hope you are just as proud of it as me. For now, excuse me because I have to make some cool textures right now!

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  • Nettai says:

    Love it!

  • Spino55 says:

    Very cool, that we got a newsflash every last couple of days. Hope this will keep on that way. I know you guys said you don’t want an overhype for the game. But every day I’m exited like a little kid on christmas eve. I have to say, the work you put into that game is amazing, I can’t wait for a first release.

    Keep up the good work and thank you all so much for doing what you like and keeping the project so alive.

    Greeting from Switzerland

  • Loren says:

    So excited! It looks absolutely amazing!

  • JCN says:

    Hey guys, sadly I came across this game too late to support it via Kickstarter. But I’m so looking foreward to this. JPOG was/is one of my absolute favourite games. Maybe you could do a news segment about the park security systems we will be able to use in the game (fences, shelters….).
    Greetings from Germany!

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