Having been with the project from the very beginning, dating all the way back to the winter of 2014, I have had the pleasure to meet and work with a handful of talented people. So naturally, when the topic of what I am most proud of regarding this project comes up, it isn’t hard to answer. I’m most proud of seeing the final pieces put together, but it is the people putting it together that stick out to me.

“We have grown so much”

We listed seven developers on our Kickstarter when we successfully reached our goal. Quietly over time, that number has gone from seven to twenty-three.  These new additions range from expert texture artists to modeling specialists to paleontologists. From the original magnificent seven to the fantastic twenty-three, each and every developer have brought their passion, their fire and their dedication to the forefront.

The Texture Team

Naturally, the state of development keeps these individuals in the shadows till the game is completed. So it’s my goal to let everyone know about these new heroes that are helping us define Mesozoica dollar dream. I’m going to start with what has been the biggest surprise, the Texture Team. Since the beginning, we had a very limited skin/texture creation workflow, which put all the pressure on our modelers. Currently, we have three outstanding artists who are breathing new life into what we imagine when we say Dinosaurs. Leading the pack we have Mr. Palmer, a seasoned veteran freelancer with a taste for boldness. With him, we have the great rookie Mr. Durrance. These two gentlemen are joined by Ms. Widrig, who rounds out a texture production team that is producing more skins than the Operation Genesis modding community can even imagine.

Modeling Team

A great asset to the game has been a new addition onto our modeling team. Rookie James “The Big One” Bear leads a star studded cast of modelers that range from Jurassic Park fandom veteran Kerr Robinson, Modeling Teacher Marcus Ferriera and soon to be current Triple A artist Paul Teaha. Our modular building system may be seen to some as standard, but our amount of content being produced is certainly unique on a sheer quality and quantity count.

“Proud to have them”

These are just a few of the new developers who have set aside significant amounts of time to make Mesozoica happen and I will be sure to highlight more of their work. As for the others I didn’t cover  – once live streams resume either this month or next you can expect to know more about them. I truly don’t think anyone will be prepared for simply how polished and well developed the game has become.

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    everybody abourd the hype train,hahahahaha,so may references in a single post .I m super excited to when this game come out,even more then the jw evolution

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