Check out Mesozoica's three main companies. The choice is yours.

Who will you pick?

A technology superpower, Gelco is an American monopoly operating in the North Western hemisphere. Founded by Samuel Mattslink, an honoured college graduate and respected researcher, he began creating a community of innovation and through selling, quickly made it big. While genetic tourism was always Mattslink’s main interest, he never got on to it and due to illness was forced to retire early, passing off control of his company to his grandson, Warwick Harrison Gates.

Founded by Darian Nigel Kendrick and José Stromer, their ambition pushed this fledgling company into numerous buyouts. With Stromer controlling the complete tourism monopoly of the south west hemisphere, he operated out of his London headquarters. Seeking to go international, Stromer established installment bases in Tokyo, Singapore, Kapurthala, Vancouver and Paris. Seeking to create a prehistoric theme park, Stromer’s ambition is the strongest driving force the entertainment world has seen in years.

Built upon years of hard work and tradition, Eternemax is one of the premiere manufacturing industries. Based out of the Orkney Islands, Eternemax leads the worldin productivity and profitability. Its founder/CEO Percy Aevum and COO Min-Lou Jin incorporated and industrialized what was once a family business. Since the incorporation in2017, the company has only grown and expanded its worker base. After closing out the competition in multiple buyouts, Aevum now looks to expand research into genetic tourism.


  • Has the best research team (employees will be able to create new dinosaurs fastest).
  • Has a neutral opinion and balanced budget (do not have a bad or good reputation).


  • Has the worst security team (will be prone to visitor-dinosaur accidents).


  • Is the most industrial of the companies (construction is much faster).
  • Has a much larger budget than the other companies (has more money).


  • Is not seen well in the face of the public (will have a bad reputation to start out with).


  • Has the most positive relationship with the public (has the best reputation).
  • Has the best security team (will keep visitors the safest).


  • Does not have the best marketing team (will not start off with a big budget).


Mesozoica will feature a ton of fun and engaging quests for you to enjoy. They will open up new possibilities within your park. Take a look at some examples below!

Dr. Peter Steven Randy has claimed to have created a growth hormone that can accelerate the gestation period of the dinosaurs. To do this, however, he needs extra money. Do you request it from Mr. Aevum, provide it out of your personal money or disregard Randy?

An unruly tyrannosaurus has caused an elderly woman to have a heart attack. While those with heart conditions are clearly advised not to enter carnivore areas, her family still wants to sue. Do you settle with an out of court agreement, or take them to court?

The park has reached an all-time high in visitation rates, yet the plumbing for some hotels has become damaged. Do you compensate by giving free passes to rides, a behind the scenes tour led by you personally or do nothing?