Carnotaurus sastrei was a theropod whose remains were found in Argentina’s Chubut province inside late Cretaceous sediments, The first fossil of this animal was a nearly complete skeleton that was discovered in 1984.

Longer than Man:

This bipedal predator was 9 meters long and 3.5 meters tall with a nearly 60 centimeters long skull. It was a lightly built animal for its size weighing around 2 tons. Carnotaurus was as long as two cars but had the weight of only one!

The Carnivorous Bull

This dinosaur belongs to the Abelisauridae family: a group of carnivorous dinosaurs with short forelimbs and ornamented skulls. In fact, Carnotaurus’s name literally means “meat eating bull”, a reference its very peculiar horns. Its arms were short, incredibly short, even shorter than those of the Tyrannosaurus rex! They were so short that they couldn’t even move, studies suggesting the arms to be vestigial.

The Fast

Paleontologists believe that this animal hunted by chasing its prey and using the upper jaw like a serrated club. This alone could inflict mortal wounds as tremendous force would be given by its muscular neck. What made it more dangerous was the speed at which it could do so. Carnotaurus was one of the fastest animals that ever roamed the Earth with the ability to run at more than 50 km/h!

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