We may never see dinosaurs alive and in the flesh, but in the world of Mesozoica, we want to bring everyone step closer to experiencing awe, thrill and wonder that al comes from the titans of the past.

Mesozoica is a grand tycoon simulation that moves beyond all expectations of traditional tycoon simulator gameplay. With a rich and expansive storyline, nearly 60 unique species to breed in your park and advanced AI, you can truly create a filling world. So we understand that you probably have questions about Mesozoica. Don’t be shy to ask them on our Facebook, Twitter or even the comments on this website, but be sure to look first in this list:

When is the game going to release?

Mesozoica will be available on Steam on December 23 later this year.

Will there be terraforming in game?

Yes, of course! You can shape the terrain to your likings. With terraforming you will have the chance to create mountains, hills, rivers and for example lakes. The choice is up to you what you choose to make.

Will there be an Indominus Rex and a venomous Dilophosaurus?

No. But we update our animal list very often, take a look there to see if some of your favorite dinosaurs will be added.

What are the system requirements?

We haven’t finished work on the game yet, so it would be unwise to say for sure. However, as good as we’re making this game, we aren’t planning on making something so big it’ll break your PC.

Will there be mod support?

As of right now, we are going to be allowing utilization of the Steam Workshop. You will be able to upload and download your creations there – this is subject to change, but not for right now.

Will the game be available for Mac and consoles?

Yes the Early Access and the Full Game release will be available for Mac. Consoles may be added later.

Is Early Access just going to be for the Kickstarter backers?

No, everybody can get their hands on the Early Access. Kickstarter backers, however, will have it earlier than the rest.

How long does it take for non-backers to play the game?

Kickstarter backers will have Early Access all to themselves for about three weeks.

Have you started using real sounds?

We have Ryan Stunkel and Nicolas Rivera making beautiful sounds(music, sounds, effects and all) for Mesozoica. Those aren’t sound packs that got bought off some cheap website but rather handmade by our two talented members.