We here at Mesozoica are proud to show everyone three more pieces of concept. These are here for your eyes only via the gifted Liam van Dijk. Each picture is representative of something you may end up coming across while working on your park. 

Copyright Mesozoica 2017The first picture seems like it could show something out of a future add-on. A tour program has chosen to take a voyage out onto one of our lakes in search of aquatic animals. The tour program is alerted by the presence a security speedboat. That’s fine and all, but oh wait, is that a giant shadow below the speedboat? Oh my, no matter how fast the speedboat goes, the danger will still be lurking beneath.

Copyright Mesozoica 2017The second picture shows a day in park management. This isn’t a boring day, every day is an exciting day in Mesozoica. Today is the day when the baby Triceratops moved into its enclosure. As it was transported in, some of the senior members of the herd heard the cries of the baby. Now they have moved in closer and are investigating the transport truck, perhaps to get an early glimpse at their youngest.

Copyright Mesozoica 2017In the last picture, there is again something that may be dealt with in a future add-on. This time, though, it something that security may deal with via a hands on approach. After all, it isn’t every day that a group of Pteranodons escape their enclosure. The security team is quick to get on their helicopters, after all, getting the animals back to their enclosure is the only course of action. So the team has to try and herd the flock back. This may be an old trick, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work on new animals.

We look forward to bringing these concepts to life and hope that we will be able to keep showing you them as well. Keep an eye out for situations like this, after all, they could happen in your park when Mesozoica comes out.

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