Welcome to Mesozoica, today we are pleased to unveil, for your eyes only, one of our most important forms of transportation for your journey into the park. This jeep is Mesozoica’s very own Squadron AWD. This vehicle was designed with the visitor in mind, so that means it accommodates both luxury and safety. The Squadron AWD allows for the visitors to get an up and close encounter with some of the more unique creatures in the park.

With that in mind, we needed to make sure there would be no chance in harm coming our beloved guests. So, have added several state of the art quality safety features. There are kevlar lined off road tires that can withstand anything from large rocks to the horns of a Triceratops. The body of the beast is composed of carbon fiber – it is strong enough to take a hit from a charging Pachycephalosaurus. To top it all off, we have incorporated bulletproof glass to help aid in protecting passengers from a “raptor” pack attack on the vehicle.

© Mesozoica 2017This vehicle is a necessity that improves trip quality for the great transportation it provides around the park. The only downside is that some of our bigger carnivores have appeared to become fascinated with the vehicle. We have noticed some of them stalking the Squadron AWD when it appears within their vicinity.

© Mesozoica 2017

Look out for more forms of transportation and in-game footage.

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