We started this game with a vision of becoming something far more than just a spiritual succesor of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Yes, that was the way that we got people on board, got our fans and spread the word about our game: by saying that we were going to finally make the spiritual successor to that often forgotten game. As a team, though, we hit a point where we couldn’t continue. We couldn’t make that better product we wanted to give without funds or help. So, what to do? This was after the great Kickstarter funds for InXile and Obsidian. So, we followed in the steps of giants and went for Kickstarter.

Thanks to the dedication of our community and the cohesive vision we promised to new backers, we overcame a lot for that campaign to get backed. So here we stand on the eve of an announcement that promises to fulfil the dollar dream of Mesozoica. We are a group of indie developers who seek to make their own mark in a genre that wasn’t so crowded when we started. We want to make all of those who believed in us proud for having done so by releasing a complete product, a polished product – a product that was better than they ever thought it would be.

Today we would like to announce a general Kickstarter reward pack. This comes with a Kickstarter visitor and vehicle texture to symbolize this polished state. This journey has only been due to the people who started it during Kickstarter and nothing is going to make us happier than the backers getting what they put in money for.

The general rewards will be imported into the downloaded early version to better allow players to remind themselves that they were there far before the turn of popularity. We will show more rewards later on.

Thank you for your patience and understand. We truly hope you believe Mesozoica is worth the wait.

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  • Matt says:

    But hurry up to release it! The TRUE successor to Jurassic Park O.P., is about to arrive! Jurassic World Evolution, will arrive in summer 2018 .. just its name is a guarantee! HURRY UP !!!

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