Our weekly updates are meant to give insight into how the game is progressing and how far we are from releasing a public product. We hope you enjoy this week’s insight into the ongoing work on the project.

To start things off we wanted to give everyone one last look into our extensive modular system. Watch our CineRex speed build below to get an impression. This is just one of the many things you will be able to create in Mesozoica.





We completed an initial amount of code for our AI system which had our creatures interacting at a very base level. This was an acceptable standard that was set by games past, and initially, we agreed that it was enough for us to move onto our other objectives. When we started to revisit and review our past work we realized that we weren’t happy with the standard we met. This project has always been about achieving modern advancements in a genre that has been dated for some time and the AI is no stranger to that standard.

Our focus has now turned to making our creatures react to “indicators” in their respective areas that allow the AI to pick from an assortment of tasks and choose the proper action. What this allows for us to do is replicate a more lifelike creature and allow the animals to dictate what they are going to do.

Its an honor that you have allowed us to continue to progress and develop this title. We are trying to fight against the stereotype that includes projects going to KS and releasing an inferior project. Our goal is to have been funded for a very good idea and release a far superior product to what we were funded for. We want to thank you again for your patience and understanding as we continue to progress. For exclusive insights behind development be sure to check out our official Instagram stories and join our official Discord server.

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