We’d like to highlight some of the new faces that Max briefly mentioned in his column. So, who are the new faces? And why aren’t they already on the ”Meet the Team” page? Well, it’s because we’re doing a lot of important stuff in the background. To hint at a few, there’s a new website or the Early Access. You’ll hear more later about both of those, but right now, we are very proud to introduce to you our international marketing team. For questions and other related stuff you can contact us on Discord, the Mesozoica official group, or on our social media channels.

Andrea MaraldiCopyright Mesozoica 2017

Senior Concept Artist
Cesena, Italy

Andrea is our senior concept artist who has been drawing the foundation for the game for a very long time. It is his work that drives our architectural changes and brings us closer, taking us from a concept to a finished game. Originally, his source of content was in the form of building concepts and architectural directions. As of late, however, he has filled a storyboard role to help fine tune our marketing trailers.


Desiree RamCopyright Mesozoica 2017

Chief Marketing Director / Team lead
South-Holland, The Netherlands

Desiree was a recent addition added to spearhead the project in a new more friendly direction. Taking over responsibilities once held by Mr. Wood, she has blossomed as the marketing/community lead. She now runs and controls all content and communication going out of the project. She looks forward to continuing her mission to coordinate the launch of one of the most anticipated Indie game titles of 2017.


Fabio FranceschiCopyright Mesozoica 2017

Dinosaur supervisor
Milan, Italy

Another Q3 of 2017 addition, Mr. Franceschi is filling a dinosaur supervisor position that was a severely overlooked role. He is now reorganizing and correctly identifying errors in our textual content, allowing us to push further with our factual data on the creatures we offer. His effort serves to enrich the player with data in this world we are creating. You will find him answering questions regarding our roster and our upcoming additions. You can find his work in the Book of Life in-game.

James FosterCopyright Mesozoica 2017

Community Relations
United Kingdom

Mr. Foster is a fan turned developer/community manager that has served the project since before the Kickstarter. He’s been inciting discussion and thoughtful dialogue for a long time now. His role is to better interact – to better communicate with fans on our Facebook platforms so that we can offer a clear and concise message to everyone.

Lynee HartMesozoica 2017

Community Relations
Illinios, USA

Lynee is part of the dynamic duo that was brought on to better push our discord server in the right direction. She now serves as one of the two main voices on our discord and a friendly face that helps bring content requests as well as questions to the development team. She has proposed and currently is working on several community projects that look to highlight the communities involvement.


Riley Foster aka NettaiCopyright Mesozoica 2017

Community Content manager
Pennsylvania, USA

Riley is part of the other half of the dynamic discord team that has revived our discord movement. Coming from a YouTube background, he now offers valuable insight into content we put out and helps serve as a community head and a content reviewer.


Paramvir RandhawaMesozoica 2017

Head Screenwriter
Vancouver, Canada

Paramvir is one of the founding fathers of the project, someone who was there when we were simply establishing the concept as an idea for a game. He is not only one of the founders, but the father of the quest systems, coordinates dialogue management and creates characters for the game itself. Paramvir currently serves as one of the publishers for our content going forward.


Josh SinickiMesozoica 2017

Senior Marketing Specialist
Colorado, USA

Josh is one of the primary faces behind the main Facebook and Twitter page. You’ll find Josh answering your questions you make through the main pages as well as writing a good amount of the articles for the website. Josh is one of the highlights we have added this quarter to the team, and his work is invaluable.


Liam van DijkMesozoica 2017

Concept Artist
South-Holland, The Netherlands

Liam is our new concept artist who draws beautiful art for our articles. It is his idea how a park in Mesozoica can look like. He draws a lot of cartoon icons but you can find him also drawing buildings, movieposters and ofcourse dinosaur related content. Find more of his work here.





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