A little bit ago, the team here at DreamInCode and Squadron Interactive asked patience from our fans. This constituted silence to the community so we could better focus on development. It was reassuring to see the positive feedback even though we knew wouldn’t be able to share progress for a little bit. However, as with all things, a right amount of time has passed and as expected, we have begun to feel impatience. Some of you did expect the game earlier, given that it had been promised in 2016. To explain why there have been delays, we have to go piece by piece and detail them.

Modular System

At the start of all this, we had a around twenty buildings planned in a fashion reminiscent to those featured in the Zoo Tycoon franchise. To be clear, this is a process that would have taken a short period of time. If we did this though, the game would be no better than others like it and could in no way be comparable to modern standards for tycoon games.

When we want our game to be a part of this next generation of tycoon games, it means more than we just want it to be released in this time. It means we want our game’s environment to be modular – a process that extends beyond just buildings. We believe in this process because it makes the game feel more dynamic. It makes Mesozoica a game of today, not a game of fifteen years ago. Our modular system was developed during our first delay.

Life would not be complete without trash cans.

Modular Trees.

Yes even the branches are modular.

Animations and AI

When the demo was released, we found the animations to be quite unsatisfactory and were told as much by many of you. We always listen to our fans and so we hired a new animator. It is an honor to say that all twenty of our Kickstarter Early Access creatures have now been redone and move better than ever before. We believe that with the introduction of our paleontology team, our redone animations can now provide all animals with the respect they deserve. Our new animations were developed during our second delay, which came this previous spring.

Visitors and actual interactive objects

We are very sad to see the blobs, or Tick Tacks as they were known to the development team, go and be replaced by actual visitor models. While the blobs were good for a laugh, our actual visitors will have several facets. Chief among these are advanced visitor AI and diversified visitor appearances as a consequence of our visitor creation AI. Human visitor models are a piece of the game that have really come to life in the past couple of weeks. It may seem less important than modular systems or dinosaur animations at first, but realistic visitors create a level of synergy that really brings Mesozoica to life. This was all developed this previous delay.

Yes we created fat visitors, Max needs to be in the game somehow.

Will we ever get to play the game?

The short answer is yes, the game will be playable very soon. To make a short answer long, the game will be playable as soon as we finish custom shaders for grass and AI custom code. When this is done, we will be pushing out early versions to our Kickstarter backers.

Summary of what has been done and an explanation of the timeline:

First Delay:

  • Scrapped original animations
  • Modular building system
  • Modular vegetation system
  • Modular rock system
  • Scrapped models with quality issues

Second Delay:

  • Created brand new animations
  • Scrapped original AI
  • Created all of the basic animal AI
  • Recreated all scrapped models
  • Continued work on modular systems

Third Delay:

  • Created visitor models
  • Created visitor clothing
  • Created visitor AI
  • Finalized vegetation code
  • Finalized vegetation shaders
  • Worked on sounds for all animals
  • Ambient Sounds
  • Music for the game
  • Brand new skins for all new or updated models

Where does this leave the game?

In short, we are still polishing and finalizing what we believe is something that we want to stand on its own feet. That being said, we still have a good amount of work. Don’t fret, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible and in sight.

For those of you still reading, we are very greatly appreciative that you have given us your time and believed in Mesozoica. We are honored to have been given your patience and hope to repay everyone who believed us in a big way. We truly feel that we will be able to give a game that finally feels like a spiritual successor to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

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  • Boel Lundqvist says:

    I very much look forward to playing Mesozoica, being a fan of both JP:OG and dinosaurs in general. This is starting to look like the dinosaur park simulation of my dreams. But I’m also not surprised at the delays, looking at the amount of detail you want achieve in a.i, animation, playability and scientific correctness. You guys must be a tenacoius bunch to take it this far and for that you have my respect.

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