Today we are pleased to show off a Twitch account to our community. This twitch account belongs to Natalie Widrig, one of our skinners on the project. We are happy to have such a talented individual like her on our team.

Meet our Skin-Maker

Natalie Widrig is 18 years old and lives in beautiful British Columbia, a province of Canada. She is fresh out of high school and hope to pursue a career in the game development. She was always very passionate about colours, pigmentation and genetics. So skin making was an obvious choice. What are her favourite skins? Not dinosaurs, but rather horses are her favourite skins to make.

Skin Colour

How does she choose the colour of the skins?

”If I were to use green for the frill of a Styracosaur, I would also use colours on either sides of green on the colour wheel. These would be blue and yellow. I also like using colours on the opposite sides of the wheel, such as blue and orange. After that, I start making a base. This usually consists of different shades of brown/orange, green or blue. I keep lighter colors for the underbelly and darker colors on top, unless my reference calls for something different. Different points on the animal such as around the mouth, ear, nostrils, and eye, will generally stay the same color as the ‘skin’ of the animal. ‘Skin’ refers to the main color of the flesh under the scales or fur.”

The Pattern

What about the way it’s all supposed to go together?

“Once the base is done, I start thinking about a pattern. I like keeping a balanced pattern throughout the animal. The head, neck and sometimes tail are all places where vibrant displays of color may be placed. The body will tend to have a more dulled down pattern. Once the pattern is outlined, I go in with some detail. I add scattered scales around the markings and different parts of the animal, and add cavities (making the ‘skin’, as mentioned before, darker). Lastly, I paint in any nails, beaks, horns, etc. and the skin is complete. Skin making is the most enjoyable thing I know and I couldn’t ask for a better job!”

mesozoica 2017Proud

Having such an artistic person like Natalie working on textures helps us takes skins to a whole different level. The attention to detail is one thing that has our team excited for you to get to see her work in our game. Please note that not every skin you see on the internet from previous years is in the game. Those skins you find on the internet are mostly privé work. We have several people on the skin-making team and they have made over a hundred skins. We are incredibly proud of all of them.

Follow Her Stream

Sometimes Natalie makes a stream to show people how she makes the skins of Mesozoica. It is very interesting if you want to know what a job like this entails.

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