Last week we were very proud to announce our first Art Contest in our Discord. We received a lot of amazing things from you in the #art contest channel. You guys still have until the 12th of September to submit your art but you can vote until the 14th of September! Join our discord with this link: So let’s take a look at the ranking board at the moment.

1. Mr4Goosey

mesozoica20172. GrildaCZ

mesozoica20173. Пневматический Рептилоид

mesozoica20174. lunno

Mesozoica20175. the1hunter5

mesozoica20176. Océane (RaptorKid)

mesozoica20177. Wrex

8. MacGames

9. SpinoDude

10. Synopsis

11. Justin

11. Danielgaldencio

12. Nicolas06

13. Toodles The Turtle

14. Excalibur1907

15. DinoLord96

15. rexzilla777

16. Tyrannapus

17. DinoDart14

18. IKingGrimlock

Source head image: Pexels

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