Today is a day you have been waiting for since you first heard of Mesozoica. It’s opening day for the park and you have arrived just in time for the gates to open. As your eyes scan the environment, the first thing you focus on are the families. They are here to see the same prehistoric world that you have adored since you were a kid.

This is the Mesozoica Dream

As you start to explore the road, the roar of a Tyrannosaurus echoes off something big in the distance, hitting your ears faintly but distinctly. As you follow the path, you start to see some of the attractions coming into view. You see a Pteranodon perched on a rock. It doesn’t take long for your eyes widen in awe. You still cannot believe that you have finally got to experience the Mesozoica dream. All of these emotions, all of these feelings are captured beautifully in the art of Jorry Rosman.

Jorry’s art is one of many windows that peer into the world of Mesozoica. He is based in the Netherlands and is a triple A veteran developer with games like Killzone and Horizon: Zero Dawn on his portfolio. Jorry is a freelance concept artist, who is always challenging the boundaries of what is considered next level art creation.

Want to see more of Jorry’s work? Click here.

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