Yesterday Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment released the launch trailer for the new Jurassic World Evolution. Given that we posted it to our Facebook, many of you probably guessed that we’re really excited for this game. We got a lot of questions if this means anything for Mesozoica and we feel it’s imperative we answer them as soon as possible.

First thing’s first: we do not plan on stopping development. We are three years deep in development and have no intention of letting anyone down regarding our release.We are basically on our way to releasing the Early Access. That information is still forthcoming, though.

While Jurassic World Evolution means we finally get the answer to the question “What would a modern Jpog look like?”, It will, however, be a thematic experience based on the Jurassic World universe. An area that we were never truly going to be able to touch upon due to copyright and intellectual property.

With this being said the team behind the Jurassic World Evolution is very accomplished, and we feel like they will create something truly unique to the genre with the creative freedom they have. We want to make it clear that there shouldn’t be any doubt about what Frontier can do. We firmly encourage anyone to seek out Planet Coaster and to feel reassured that this new title will be properly made and properly managed. 

Who doesn’t like a bit of an Underdog Story?

Mesozoica has never been about what we feel the future should entail and what the game should comprise of, but rather about what the player imagines and creates. It’s with this objective we feel like we hold niche value in a now packed genre. Our freedom of choice and freedom to customize everything till your heart is content has always been at the core of our development. To help define why we believe this we have outlined our key points in development so far.

Modular Building System

Build whatever you want and how you want. With this system, you aren’t bound by any pre-made buildings. All the objects in Mesozoica are modular placeable objects. Thus, the modular system can just view and treat everything as a single object type. So, what is the first thing you are going to make? Maybe a hotel or maybe a restaurant?

Oldie but still a good way to see how the Modular Building System will be like.

DNA system

Our DNA system is divided into two segments, the Dig Site DNA acquisition method and the Black Market DNA acquisition method. The Dig Site DNA acquisition is basically the standard way of acquiring dinosaur DNA. You invest time and money. This may result in a better outcome but it is riskier as some dig sites may not delivering. The black market may lead to a lesser result but it is less risky – you always receive DNA. You choose how you get the DNA. We feel like this risk versus reward function will have players engaged in a progression system that isn’t defined. Meaning your progress and unlocking of creatures and skins is unique to the decisions/luck.

Copyright Mesozoica 2017Visitors

Our beautiful Tick Tacks are no more. We would love to show you how they look now but you have to wait. It isn’t their moment to shine, but maybe another time. We can tell you that every visitor has his own set of clothes. This is also modular. Can you already imagine the visitors running through your park because there is a T.rex running wild?


When it comes to a dinosaur game, what is the main thing that people want? A good experience focused on the dinosaurs. With our current roster of prehistoric creatures, we can provide a sandbox of current no comparison to let your imagination run wild. Can you imagine a flock of Gallimimus being chased down in a clearing by a pack of Smilodon? The focal point for us has shifted to creatures and unique additions that the primary industry may skip due to lack of popularity.

We are focused on giving you a choice of what creatures inhabit your park with many of our dinosaurs having both a traditional and accurate skins. While you have the choice of which of these you choose, we provide multiple skins for each animal. Perhaps you disagree with one skin, maybe you’ll like another. If you want to know more about which animals we will have? Click here.

At the end of the day, while this project may have started off as a desire to fill in the void left by Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis… we have become so much more. We are trying to make Mesozoica something special in its own right. Trust us, we have plans to show some more in-game content soon.

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  • I am so ready to get that Jurassic World game either Xbox One or PC, so I don’t have to worry about playing the official game on Google Plus or Android!

  • Joey says:

    The inclusion of mammals in your game makes it more desirable, for me. I’m sure I’ll eventually get the Jurassic Park game, as well. I look forward to the mammals more than anything in the Mesozoica game.

  • Ragpost says:

    Very clear article! Good to see you guys keep going on. I think you are right about what makes this game different than Jurassic World Evolution (although we don’t know much about it yet). I played the tech demo and was very pleased.

    When you release the game in early access, and the price meets the value of the game and it’s content, i will definitely buy it 🙂

  • I’m certainly looking forward to JW: Evolution, but anything with the JP brand attached to it will have to represent the dinosaurs the way they were represented in the JP movies—inaccuracies and all. Mesozoica, by contrast, doesn’t have to worry about visual continuity with a film series that began in the 1990’s and so can represent how dinosaurs are thought to have actually looked nowadays. In other words, Mesozoica has more freedom to be accurate with its dinosaurs.

  • Mafune says:

    You can actually play as/control the dinosaurs in this right?

  • Andrew Weiss says:

    Keep it up! Can not wait!

  • Miguel Ravagnani says:

    You guys started small, with just a promise of something, as you say, to fill JPOG void, but now, I think you’ve established a milestone for Kickstarter games. We players haven’t seen a lot about the game, but all that’s been shown is really stunning, and promises a lot! Congratulations for all the achievements conquered and for those to come! We’ll keep waiting and supporting the game

  • Alex Wood says:

    Mesozoica looks really promising especially the piece by piece building tools supplied with in the base game.

    Have been waiting for a game like JPOG for about 10 years now, so to have two games in similar style is wonderful!

    Keep up the great work!

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